June 25, 2017

Types of free porn sites that can be found on the Internet

Hello everyone! Today I want to write a little about free porn sites. There are millions out there (including mine) but some stand out from the rest. Everybody talks about membership sites that require some sort of registration fee, about cams and so on, but I see little about free sites, that offer some content for free. Please take into account that will not be mentioning here sites that distribute illegal porn, underage and so on – just plain ol’ adult sites that that show us the beauty of the sexual act.
Before I start mentioning any names I’d like to stress out some categories of free porn sites – given my experience in the business. These categories are the main categories; I won’t be going into micro niches and so on.

1. The tube model

The sites offer mostly videos (and tons of it I might add) and are based mostly on the model started on Youtube some time ago. From what I can remember, Youporn was the first major tube I first set my eyes on. I can still find some of the old videos I was watching back then (with the lights off, hiding from my parents) and search for them even now. Some of the other big guys are Xvideos, RedTube, Xhamster and so on.

2. TGP (Thumbnail gallery post) picture sites

These types of sites are usually based on pictures, high volume of pictures actually. Some of the pictures lead to the actual gallery with the pornstar presented on the link picture (called a thumb – this is why the name – thumbnail gallery post), while other pictures lead to other various sites (typically a gallery presenting the babe that was on the initial image). Some of the biggest names I know when It comes to porn TGP are: Thehun.net, morazzia.com, pornpics.com, Pichunter.com .

3. Porn Blogs

Porn blogs are similar to TGP sites described above. The difference, in my opinion, is that blogs tend to be a little more personal and feature only a few updates a day ( 1 to 4 galleries per day) but really carefully chosen. A blog can contain both pictures and movies, but most that I know are mostly about pictures. My site for example, is a blog. Blogs in general have featured images on the main page that lead to the respective gallery, where you can find around 16 – 18 pictures with the same models. Some interesting blogs that I know are: eroticbeauties.net, kindgirls.com, snbabes.com, coedcherry.com

4 Porn Sites List

These are rather new in the world of porn (they weren’t around when I started watching porn) and consist of link to various free and paid porn sites, based on category (for example cams, tubes, blogs etc). They are quite good and useful because you can find a link that you are interested in, very fast. The owners of these sites keep their lists updated and, as far as I know, all the sites that they link to are verified against malware and other viruses. The top two porn sites lists that I can recommend are theporndude.com and tblop.com (the name comes from TheBigListOfPorn)

5 Pornstar Index Sites

The sites are centered on adult models, usually girls. They list galleries – their own or from partners – that belong to single models. Freeones features a massive collection of pictures and video galleries based on models with the downside that some of the newer models are missing or have little galleries. Indexxx.com on the other hand, does not list the actual galleries but rather updates with the name and thumb of the newest update for a model. Both indexxx and Freeones have a database with aliases for one pornstar / adult model.

6 Social Media

The porn in social has been gaining a lot of traction lately thanks to Reddit and Tumblr. There is also a lot of free porn on Twitter as well, where big pornstars and not only, have their own individual accounts. Reddit and Tumblr are full of amateur porn content that can become quite addictive once you get the hang of it. /r/gonewild is one of the oldest and well known porn sub-reddit, featuring tons of very interesting amateur content (mostly straight). Regarding Tumblr, these mini-blogs tend to come and go, so there is no way to make a real chart here – I visit regularly hotoral.tumblr.com, which is about oral sex, one of my favorite things to do. Also xxxsexxx.tumblr.com is very good and has a lot nice porn on it.

7. Porn forums

These are only a few, but very big ones. I won’t name the here because of the simple fact that most of these porn forums contain illegal content. The porn pics and porn movies are downloaded from paysites and uploaded onto these forums.

8. Other type of free porn sites

Here I can name Pinterest type sites, the best of the best that stands out from the rest being sex.com. Also, after the so-called security breach that happened to the Apple Cloud, some new type of site showed up, called in general “fappening”. I won’t list any of those sites here, due to the nature of the photos or videos they contain.

To sum up, in general, these are the type of free porn sites that you can find on the internet when it comes to porn. Of course, things can be categorized even deeper, amateur sites, Asian sites, gay sites etc, but in general they contain either pictures, porn videos , or a combination of both. Let me know which one is you favorite!

June 18, 2017

About me

Hello all!

My name is Michaela, dedicated owner and blogger on snbabes.com. I want to tell you a few words about me, my blog – what it’s all about, and finally about what I want to achieve and develop with this little free erotic picture site that I keep.
I’m from Europe, I love both women and men and I like ice-cream a lot . The idea behind this blog was to express all my fantasies regarding eroticism and porn in general. I enjoy most of the stuff related to porn, whether is hardcore or softcore, I like it. The only condition: it has be tasteful and artistic.
I have a fascination with women body, I found something beautiful in all women and I like to think that on my erotic picture blog, one can find some of the hottest babes out there and they’re also naked. I’m not a lesbian, rather I would call myself bi-sexual based on my preferences, although I’ve never had sex with a women before.
I enjoy watching women with medium to big breasts but they should also be slender (like Niemira for example, her body is a tribute to beauty, of course the same applies to Mila Azul). Also hairy pussies are some things on my top ten list. I like having oral sex a lot also sometimes I like anal also and that is why, on my softcore blog, you’ll also find hardcore porn scenes that involve anal or oral.
One thing to mention: I don’t like extreme hardcore sex. Sex scenes like the ones from Blacked, X-art, Joymii, maybe NaughtyAmerica also, are ok but stuff that involves BDSM, women getting slapped on their faces and so on, are really not my kind of stuff.
One other thing that you’ll find here are porn gifs. I get very horny from watching some of them, it’s like they capture the whole essence of one moment of pleasure…
Now, about snbabes.com , it is intended to be on the softcore side of things, presenting various nude ladies, that I must say, I pick personally every day. All the galleries that are listed are chosen and uploaded by me. There are of course some affiliates links, mainly for two reasons:
1. I need to pay for hosting and other fees related to this blog (domain etc).
2. I post only legal stuff, meaning that I post a gallery I must link to the owner of the respective gallery. That keeps me out of sort of legal DMCA trouble.
Given that I also have a daytime job, I do not have the necessary time to post more than one or two galleries per day, but I get a lot of satisfaction from searching the perfect gallery to post, meaning I get to look at hot naked babes
For the future, as things have evolved with this site, I want to make it more personal and also a little bit different than other sites. I will post daily babes, but as much as time lets me, I want to post various articles on various themes that I think are interesting for everyone. Most – if not all – will be related to the world of pornography and the role it plays in the life of every individual.
In the end, I’d like to say, that if there is something particular you want to see on the blog (and also read about), please write an email to contactme (monkey here) snbabes (whatever comes before com) com .